Interior Blinds, Shutters and Repair Services

Gateway Sunrooms and Shades is the store with more. From blinds, to shades or invisible blinds also known as smart screens to wood shutters or roll shutters. You pick the style. We have the options and selection to cover your windows. If your blinds, shades or shutters need any repair we are here to help.

Blinds and Shades

Interior blinds and shutters are a way to add a unique finish to any room or window. Habitat Blinds and Shadings Systems offer the best in any cordless system with various types of roller shades, cellular shades and horizontal blinds. Roman shades are an elegant way to bring a designer fabric into the room. We carry the highest quality Canadian made blinds and shutters made to your specifications. Automation is our specialty for any type of blinds, shades or shutters. Shop our selection of Blinds & Shades and Window Treatments and find exactly the look you want.

Wood Shutters

Our solid wood shutters are made by FineCraft who have over 20 years of excellent craftsmanship and experience. Their attention to detail, superior construction and beautiful finishing will deliver custom window fashion that will last a lifetime. We offer a large selection of unique colours and textures. If wood shutters are not your style, Gateway Sunrooms and Shades has other options like the Eclipse Vinyl shutter. Whatever your taste may be, we cover every style imaginable for your atmosphere and comfort. 

Roller Shutters

We offer an excellent selection of Rollshutters for both residential and commercial implementation. These aid in energy conservation, boost security, increase aesthetics and suitability and provide protection from the elements. Their excellence in construction makes them durable, rugged and secure. Rollshutters’ unique design assures easy operation with motorized or manual controls. They move with a smooth continuous motion into place and reverse into a built-in box making a neat, professional looking appearance. Rollshutters can be customized to blend with your home or business making an eye-pleasing look. Your colour scheme and/or logo can easily be placed on our rollshutters thereby combining purpose with appearance. What better way to promote your business brand and at the same time protect your products and services? Choose from an incredible array of hundreds of custom options or have your photo, logo or graphic displayed. We custom design and install our rollshutters so that your home or business is tailored to your exact specifications.

Smart Blinds

Windows allow natural light into our homes and offices. Sometimes, however, we need to control how much light comes into these rooms at different times of the day. Most blinds allow light control, but they sometimes give rooms an undesired look and they are huge dust and bacteria collectors. These smart film solutions can be directly applied to the glass and not change the look or feel of the room when powered on. They act as an invisible blind that is dimmable to set the lighting atmosphere as desired. They can even serve as a double purpose and can be used as a whiteboard or projector screen. For those with health concerns, Smart Screens are not prone to collect dust or bacteria as most blinds quite often do.

Blind Repair Services

Are your blinds broken? Don’t throw them out quite yet. Did you know we can repair your blinds, cutting and resizing every style? We can replace broken cords and strings for horizontal and cellular blinds. For roller blinds we can replace broken chains and clutches. We even repair your RV blinds. Let us take a look at your home blinds and give you an estimate on repair. It may just save you time and money in the long run. Gateway Sunrooms and Shades can source blind parts that will keep your blinds working smoothly and effectively.